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Medicine, Mental Health and Me

The decline of mental health in medics across the globe has been and still is a growing issue. As two medics studying in the heart of London, we’ve decided that the irony of healthcare providers putting their wellbeing on hold should no longer be a stigmatised issue, but one that is spoken about unashamedly. On this blog we hope to share with you our own experiences in the medical field, our beliefs and our opinions in hopes to break down these walls and make dealing with a declining mental health, as a healthcare professional, easier.

Alongside our insight into the medical field as  first and fifth year medics, we bring with us our personal journeys involving experiences with dysfunctional families, domestic violence, bereavement and sexual abuse which we wish to shed a light on in order to help those who have suffered similar, or more traumatic events, to speak out, without the fear of stigma. As women, especially coloured women of South-Asian descent, we also feel strongly about feminism, women’s rights and overcoming  various cultural barriers involving the stereotyping of women.

We will be writing under the names Arya and Maya bringing you a new article from us each week. We hope that you can join us in our campaign against mental health taboo, gender inequality, abuse and trauma and gain something from it – whether that be a deeper insight into an issue or helping yourself through your own journey.

Please exercise caution when reading our articles since they may contain sensitive and potentially triggering content and please seek help if you find yourself struggling.