Mental Health

Quarantine Concerns : How to Deal With Negative Emotions

Since the rise of COVID the majority of us have been lucky enough to have a home allowing us to continue living a normal and healthy life during this trying time. However as the days pass we find ourselves, more often than not, alone with our own thoughts which can sometimes lead us to experience negative emotions in a more intense and heightened fashion.

Having suffered low moods on and off for some time, the lockdown has proven to be quite difficult without the usual distractions of going out, attending lectures and meeting friends. During pre-lockdown times, this would have been sufficient means to increase levels of dopamine and keep me going or even avoid dealing with an underlying negative mood. It can worsen to the point that “normal lockdown-activities” are no longer as enjoyable as they initially were such as baking, organising, studying and zoom calls with friends. The lack of a normal pre-lockdown life also means that there is less encouragement to leave your bed in the mornings and resume a productive routine. And so begins the cycle. The lack of productivity will reinforce these negative thoughts and emotions. Levels of self-doubt will sky rocket, eventually forcing you into feeling quite helpless.

As always, when there’s dark cloud glooming over us, we should attempt to find a silver-lining of sorts. Experiencing our emotions constantly and intensely may be quite new to some of us, but at least we’re finally acknowledging them and taking the first step towards our healing. Though we have a lack of control over how we may feel on a day to day basis, we can still control how we respond to those emotions.

When things are getting quite tough, be kind to yourself as you would be to a friend or family member. Congratulate yourself on the small things like waking up, taking a shower or just simply getting through the day. It’s important to be mindful to about how you are doing on a daily basis and treat yourself accordingly. Not every day has to be 100% productive but everyday could  involve at least one task of self-care. These tasks don’t have to complex or expensive, it can simply be taking a well-deserved midday nap!

The one kind thing you do for yourself today could lead you to feel just that much more loved than you were feeling this morning. Be loving and affectionate with yourself – not just to carry you through quarantine, but because you deserve it.

Hang in there folks.

With Love,

Arya x

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